Employer Brand Frequently Asked Questions

We receive many inquiries from our content partners around the world. Please refer to our frequently asked questions, which should answer most questions and provide valuable solutions.

In the document, we help you navigate the framework of employer brand and content strategy, managed by our team in the EO. The questions below are what we hear most often from our content partners across the firm.

Who should I reach out to for an employer brand related request?

Feel free to email our distro (eo-employerbranding) and one of us will get back to you on your inquiry.

Does BCS manage internal people-related communications around HCM initiatives?

We defer to our colleagues Elise Dunn and Janey Holland as they manage the internal communications space for HCM, including to-alls and HCM leadership communications to our people.

What is our strategy for social media?

Every month, we will reach out to our content partners from each region to solicit priorities for the following month. These priorities include upcoming events, timely moments (i.e. days of observance or history months), new initiative launches, program registration deadlines, etc. Once we collect these inputs, our team will develop a content calendar in partnership with the social media team.

Please refer to our social media guidelines to determine if a content request is aligned to our external strategy. If a request is deemed appropriate, we ask you to fill out a social media request form to ensure all checks and balances on the post before publishing.

If there is an important initiative that requires more targeted amplification, connect with us on potential paid opportunities.

What is Papirfly?

Papirfly is our one stop shop for all marketing collateral – whether you want to leverage printed collateral for campus events and conferences, or want to understand our brand guidelines. All resources to equip you with the right external strategy can be found on the Papirfly portal. This includes and is not limited to:

What can we share with candidates online?

Our gs.com/careers website and our social media channels house a number of content series and video libraries that are helpful for a wide range of candidates across the globe. Please take the time to browse our content to learn about how we think of our online content strategy. You can find a table of our different series on the next page.

We would love to partner with you on any content that would fit within this broader framework. If you have an idea that might not be applicable to any of our series but would be a compelling and unique story to share with candidates, connect with us on potentially writing an article for the Careers blog.