Make things possible. - Style Guide (PDF)

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This document is a set of brand identity principles, technical specifications and best practices all intended to help colleagues, as well as agency partners, understand our make things possible careers messaging— and its “look-and-feel.”

The "Make things possible." campaign works to emphasize the significance and tangibility of careers at Goldman Sachs. It also works to demystify the organization by showing the significance of what the firm enables across all divisions and roles. Its goal is to pique the interests of a wide range of candidates, not just those with financial backgrounds, but those in STEM, with Liberal Arts degrees and with PHDs to make them want to learn more about the firm.

This campaign guide is intended to help bring make things possible to life. It establishes messaging, tone and visual parameters for clear and consistent continuation of the campaign for future executions.

To view more please look at our Make things possible style guide.