Day in the Life Toolkit

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Day in the Life Anthem Video - no captions
Day in the Life Anthem Video - with captions

Meet Corwin - no captions
Meet Corwin - with captions

Meet Julia - no captions
Meet Julia - with captions

Meet Joan - no captions
Meet Joan - with captions

Meet Karla - no captions
Meet Karla - with captions

Meet Kymberlee - no captions
Meet Kymberlee - with captions

Meet Jeremy - no captions
Meet Jeremy - with captions

Meet Sabeen - no captions
Meet Sabeen - with captions

Background of Day in the Life

Launch Date: September 10, 2019

Objective: Day in the Life celebrates what it feels like to work at Goldman Sachs and reflects the welcoming, transparent and collaborative culture that the world doesn’t always get to see. Through multiple formats including video and photography, Day in the Life presents a wide array of Goldman Sachs colleagues and their individual experiences inside the office and out, aiming to inspire audiences to recognize the values they have in common with Goldman Sachs.

Formats: video, photography and written profiles

Target Audience: Campus and lateral candidates, especially candidates with STEM and Liberal Arts backgrounds who may not expect that there is a career path for them at our firm

Channels: The campaign is running across numerous social media platforms: as well as partners including Hulu, Spotify, and Morning Brew. We also encourage you to play the videos at recruiting events.

Additional Details on the Campaign

What is the Day in the Life campaign?

What insights lead to Day in the Life?

As a recruiter, how should I leverage the campaign?

Here are a few ways:

Will we expand on Day in the Life?

How does Day in the Life fit into the broader employer branding ecosystem?

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