Social Copy Submissions

Submitting Recruiting Content to GS-owned (Corporate) Social Handles

To download the Social Copy Submissions and Best Practices (PDF) - click here

Understanding Your Content Objectives Employer Brand: Key Principles
  • Awareness: inform our audience of the firm's support of certain initiatives or audience demographics, or even topics like our offices around the world and different offerings for our people

    • Example - "We launched the Pronouns Initiative firmwide, which is our way of supporting self-identification within our community."
  • Call-to-action (CTA): prompt pur audience to engage with our content for a broader purpose, like linking to an application

    • Example - "Learn more about this program and apply now."

  • Engagement: provide content that is informative and helpful to the audience, such as advice or thought leadership

    • Example - "Check out our tips for video interviewing."

  1. We review content holistically and evaluate based on how it aligns to our thematic content pillars and broader social media strategy

  2. We strategically plan content via our content calendar

  3. We focus on quality over quantity

  4. We prioritize content that is evergreen, authentic and unexpected from us

  5. We consider the limited reach to most candidates put on organic social media since organic is normally consumed by our active/ "hardcore" followers who are already aware of us - not new potential candidates who aren't already considering us

  6. We reinforce key messages amongst broader and more targeted audiences through our always-on paid social media