Approved Versions

There are several approved versions of the Goldman Sachs brandmark. These versions have been created for the specific situations described on this page.

Signature Versions

The signature version uses the “Goldman Sachs” type from the primary brandmark as a stand-alone mark. It was created to address unique situations where the primary brandmark is not appropriate or is problematic, due to its size, proportions or shape.

These situations include the following:


The blue version should be used wherever possible. If the Goldman Sachs signature version appears in association with other brands, and the logos are presented in color, use the blue version. If the print production is one-color and the other consortium logos are printed black, use the black version.


The recommended size is .7 inch (approximately 2 cm) wide or 72 pixels. The minimum size for the signature version is .55 inch (approximately 1.5 cm) wide, or 40 pixels. It should only be used at a smaller size on promotional items with a minimal printing surface. There is no specific maximum size for the signature version. However, when using a larger version of this mark, use discretion to determine the appropriate size based on surrounding artwork and/or logos from other firms.

Minimum clear space should be roughly one-half the brandmark width.