Positioning and Clear Space

The Goldman Sachs brandmark must always be shown clearly and prominently. This applies to not only the background, but also to interference from nearby text, photographs and other elements that might compromise its impact. Exceptions to this clear-space rule include the pre-approved Goldman Sachs lock-ups and websites. The example shown demonstrates the minimum clear space as one-half the brandmark height (denoted as “.5X” in the diagram). Clear space must be maintained in all formats to ensure the integrity of the brandmark and allow for maximum readability.

Note: The Goldman Sachs brandmark can appear over photographs and colored backgrounds as long as legibility and prominence of the mark are unimpaired. It should not be placed over active areas of an image or pattern.


To ensure clear legibility, use the brandmark at the recommended size of .7 inch (approximately 2 cm) or 72 pixels, whenever possible. The minimum size of the Goldman Sachs brandmark is .55 inch (approximately 1.5 cm) or 40 pixels measured from top to bottom or left to right. This applies to both U.S. letter and A4 paper sizes. (Exceptions may be made for online applications of the brandmark, where space is limited).


For large formats such as banners, billboards and signage, the brand-mark should be proportionally balanced to the size of the piece. It should never: